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Access Keys

Most web browsers support jumping to specific links by typing access keys defined on the web site.

  • To use access keys on Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows, you can press:
    ALT + an access key + ENTER.
  • To use access keys on Firefox, running on Microsoft Windows or Linux, you can press:
    ALT + Shift + an access key.
  • To use access keys on Macintosh, you can press:
    Control + an access key.
  • Access key 0 = Home
  • Access key 1 = Search
  • Access key 2 = Get Involved
  • Access key 3 = Council Actions
  • Access key 4 = Board
  • Access key 5 = Committees
  • Access key 6 = News
  • Access key 7 = Community Resources
  • Access key 8 = About Us
  • Access key 9 = Contact Us

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Some files are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Adobe Systems, Inc. provides an online conversion tool for PDF documents. More information regarding the accessibility of PDF files is available at the Access Adobe website.