Green Committee

Co-Chairs: Melissa Stoller  (, Jeanne Kuntz (, Sherri Akers (

Laura Bodensteiner - Founding Co-Chair

See updates on our policy motions here. 

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Drop by the Mar Vista Farmers Market each Sunday to visit us at the MVCC Green Tent - we have a different guest each week - all addressing different issues on sustainability.

The mission of the MVCC Green Committee is to empower Mar Vista area Stakeholders to become more environmentally aware by providing information and methods that promote a sustainable lifestyle. The committee shall also work in cooperation with the other MVCC committees, local neighborhood associations, residents, businesses, public agencies, the MVCC Board of Directors and others to further these goals.

What's happening at the MVCC Green Committee lately?

Join us at our monthly meeting to take part on everything above as well as our work to influence the environmental affairs in Los Angeles and California. We meet on the fourth Sunday of every month at 9:30 AM at the Mar Vista Farmers Market, at a table near the Post Office. Agendas are posted online 72 hours in advance of each meeting. It's a great way to bond with like minded neighbors in the community!

See MVCC Green Tent  for committee updates and guests each Sunday at the MVCC Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmers Market.

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