Funding Motions

All funding motions require a completed funding request form before the matter can be voted on. You can download this form from the bottom of the page.

MVCC Funding Motions

This link will bring up a list of all of the funding motions passed by the Board of Directors for the current calendar year, and for available preceding calendar years.

Master Funding List (past)

Click this link to go to updated lists of all funding motions that the Mar Vista Community Council has passed at its monthly Board of Director's meeting.  It dates back to 2005-2006 fiscal year.

Master Annual Budget

Click this link to go to a list of  the annual MVCC budgets as presented to EmpowerLA as required by their guidelines. It is the board's best approximation of what could be spent of current funds allocated added to  past years rollover.

Quicken Category Detail

Click this link to go to a list of the category detail reports  from the Quicken file maintained by past treasurers. It will contain exact details of MVCC spending of petty cash, credit card and  Demand Warrants (checks) issued by EmpowerLA on behalf of the MVCC.

Inventory List

Click this link to go to a list that  identifies all electronic and other equipment  identified as significant that has been purchased by the MVCC on behalf of the stakeholders and is held by various board members or the recipients.

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