Policy Motions 2008

January 8, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Motion approving a Small Lot Subdivision at 3964 Beethoven St.
    Status: Letter emailed to Planning Dept.
  2. POLICY MOTION: Motion to Revoke City Permit for Cell Phone Tower on Palms Blvd.
    Status: Whitney Blumenfield, CD11 planning deputy, emailed the Board saying there is no way to revoke the T-Mobile permit for this tower.

February 12, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Motion urging the LADOT and Council to reconsider the Pico/Olympic Pilot proposals.
    Status: Motion emailed to Councilman Rosendahl, Mayor Villaraigosa, John Fisher, Len Nguyen, Stephen Chung, Terri Tippet, and Jay Handal Terri Tippet offered to submit the motion at the City Transportation Committee meeting on 02/13/08 and I accepted her offer. Stephen Chung, answered, saying he would make sure the motion was communicated to the mayor. Submitted as a CIS on 2/13/08 and attached to Council File 07-1199.
  2. POLICY MOTION: Motion requesting right-turn only signs at egress points of new development project at 12402 Washington Place, Culver City.
    Status: Motion emailed to City Manager Culver City, and City Councilmen, Culver City.
  3. POLICY MOTION: Motion affirming MVCC support for current Preferential Parking Districts.
    Status: Motion emailed to Bill Rosendahl, with Len cc'd Motion emailed to Rita Robinson, Pauline Chan, John Fisher, Mo Bloforsharian.
  4. POLICY MOTION: To oppose the creation of a supplemental use district for a digital billboard next to a freeway.
  5. POLICY MOTION: To support Councilman Rosendahl's efforts to oppose the sale of City property at the previous site of Fire Station 62.
    Status: Motion emailed to Bill Rosendahl, and cc'd to Len Nguyen and Stephen Cheung. Motion was mentioned in L.A. Times article on 2/21/08.

March 11, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Motion to support the observance of Earth Hour, March 29, 2008 at 8:00pm. On this day everyone is asked to turn off their lights for one hour between 8 and 9pm.

April 8, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Motion to create ordinance for fumigation notification
    Status: Motion emailed to Len Nguyen with request to forward to Councilman Rosendahl
  2. POLICY MOTION: The MVCC supports the Anti-Mansionization Ordinance currently under consideration by the Los Angeles City Council. Status: Motion emailed to Bill Rosendahl and cc'd Whitney Blumenfeld and Len Nguyen.
  3. POLICY MOTION: Letter to Gail Goldberg expressing MVCC concerns about the L.A. implementation of SB1818
    Status: Letter mailed to Gail Goldberg, and Jane Usher Emailed to Bill Rosendahl, cc'd Whitney Blumenfeld and Len Nguyen Submitted as a Community Impact Statement attached to Ordinance 05-1345.
  4. POLICY MOTION: Motion regarding placement of CBS/Decaux signage in Mar Vista area Status: Emailed to Councilman Rosendahl, and cc'd francois nion(CBS/Decaux), Lance Oishi (LA city), and Len Nguyen.
  5. POLICY MOTION: Motion to not oppose the variance requested for the wall at 3979 East Blvd.
    Status: Nothing sent, as no action was taken.
  6. POLICY MOTION: Motion to re-affirm MVCC support for changing the maximum time on parking meters on Venice Blvd. between Centinela Blvd and Grandview Blvd. from one hour to two hours.
    Status: mailed and emailed to Ray Lau. Also emailed to Len Nguyen to take to Bill Rosendahl.
  7. POLICY MOTION: Motion to request Jane Harman, Henry Waxman, and James Oberstar to investigate possible legislative action to require the FAA to accept and respect the intent of the City of Santa Monica with regard to its ordinance conforming the Airport to Category A and B aircraft
    Status: Waiting to send motion until after April 25, to see if the ordinance does in fact go into effect. Letters are sent via email and USPS on May 7 I received email confirmation from Harman and Waxman representatives, but nothing from Oberstar.

April 22, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Motion to approve a letter to the City of Santa Monica responding to the CHARNOCK WELL FIELD RESTORATION PROJECT Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration. The motion requests that the MND not be approved, and that an Environmental Impact Report be prepared.

May 13, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Motion in support of Expo Line Phase 2 routing along the ROW and a local station near Exposition and Sepulveda.
    Status: Motion emailed to Expo Line officials via Gaby Gonzalez and Bill Rosendahl via Len Nguyen.
  2. POLICY MOTION: The MVCC Board recommends that the City of Los Angeles Planning Department notify the City of Culver City of all developments impacting Culver City's traffic, congestion and environment.

July 22, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Opposing the Tentative Tract Map application for 3160-3178 Barrington Ave.
    Status: emailed and U.S. mail to: Mr. Tanner Blackman, Los Angeles City Planning Department Division of Land-- Subdivision Unit, 7th floor Main City Hall, Room 750 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

August 12, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Supporting resolution AJR 37 (Lieu) currently under consideration by the California Legislature.
    Status: Has been emailed to Ted Lieu's office
  2. POLICY MOTION: Requesting that CD11 pursue any means available to require an increase in on-site parking at the new development at 3992 S. Inglewood Blvd. Status: Will be sent to Councilmember Rosendahl and B & S.
  3. POLICY MOTION: Supporting variance at 11825 Courtleigh Drive to keep complex as a 12-unit project.
    Status: Has been mailed to: Office of Zoning Administration 200 North Spring Street, 7th Floor
  4. POLICY MOTION: Supporting 3772 Grandview Blvd. Fence Height Variance and send a letter of support to the appropriate parties.
    Status: Has been mailed to: Office of Zoning Administration 200 North Spring Street, 7th Floor, and emailed to Tony Meza, the project rep. for the architect.

September 9, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Opposing the application for a variance to build a parking structure at 3655 Centinela Blvd.
    Status: The motion was mailed to the office of Zoning Administration, and emailed to CD11 staff, and Mormon Church rep.Mark Paredas: mark_paredes@yahoo.com
  2. POLICY MOTION: Requesting LADOT, when installing speed humps, do so at a height that will keep traffic at or below the posted speed limits, and to consider split-type speed bumps.
    STATUS: Emailed to LADOT staff (Pauline Chan, Mo,) and Bill Rosendahl and staff.
  3. POLICY MOTION: Stating additional MVCC concerns regarding the Exposition Corridor Light Rail Transit Project Phase 2
    STATUS: Emailed to Gabriela Gonzalez at the Expo Construction Authority.
  4. POLICY MOTION: Requesting the City comply with its General Plan mandated duties to implement an infrastructure capacities monitoring program and database, and publish updated Annual Reports on Growth and Infrastructure for years 1999 through 2008.
    STATUS: Emailed to Councilmember Rosendahl.
  5. POLICY MOTION: Supporting the compromise proposal put forward by the owner of the 3160-3178 Barrington Ave. properties, Mr. Abraham Assil, to convert the 48 apartment units in the 4 buildings currently on the property to 48 condos, using the existing building structures.
    Status: Mailed and emailed to: Mr. Tanner Blackman, Los Angeles City Planning Department 7th floor Main City Hall, Room 750 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 And emailed to Councilmember Rosendahl

September 25, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Approving MVCC Rose Committee to be lead organizer in beautification project for the Inglewood/Granville stairs, and approving allocation of $2,500 to beautify the stairs.
  2. POLICY MOTION: Comment and Response to the Draft Environmental Impact Report prepared by the City of Santa Monica for its Charnock Well Field Restoration Project.
  3. POLICY MOTION: Opposing the construction of high-density housing or any other projects requiring rezoning at the old Fire Station 62 site.

November 11, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Supporting the Windward variance request for additional parking spaces

December 9, 2008

  1. POLICY MOTION: Requesting an accounting to each Neighborhood Council of all 5117 parking funds and Quimby funds in its district.
  2. POLICY MOTION: Supporting ICO/moratorium for all off-site sign advertising and super graphic signs until a new sign ordinance is enacted.
  3. POLICY MOTION: Requesting that NC's be allowed to appeal City department decisions.
  4. POLICY MOTION: Opposing zoning change at proposed Casden Development site, Exposition/Pico/Sepulveda Blvds. (Case #ENV-2008-3989).
  5. POLICY MOTION: Supporting additional requirements NC involvement in planning issues.
  6. POLICY MOTION: Requesting CD11 consideration of crosswalk installations at Marcasel Ave. at Washington Blvd. and Washington Place.