Policy Motions 2009

January 13, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Supporting the variances requested for 12735 Venice Blvd.
February 10, 2009      
1. Policy motion:  Supporting Traffic Control Tiger Teams, proposed by Westside Regional Alliance of Councils
2. Policy motion: Supporting expansion of OPD to 3100 block of Corinth
3. Policy motion: Proposal for development of MOU between Los Angeles Department of Transportation and Neighborhood Councils:
4.  Policy motion: Expressing concerns for oversized vehicle and homeless parking:
5. Policy motion: Requesting that certain streets be re-designated as “local” streets
6. Policy motion: Mar Vista Community Council Request for Post Office Recycle Bins
7. Policy motion: Mar Vista Community Council Request for Mar Vista Library Recycle Bins
8. Policy motion: Mar Vista Community Council Request for Mar Vista Rec. Center Recycle Bins
March 10. 2009
1. Policy motion: MVCC response to Expo Line Phase 2 DEIR
April 14, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Supporting the idea of installing bollards at the MV Farmers Market
2. Policy motion: Requesting return of U.S.P.S. Mailboxes:
3. Policy motion: Requesting traffic sign enhancements for the intersection of Rose Ave. and Inglewood Blvd.:
4. Policy motions: Expressing concerns regarding medical marijuana dispensaries or collectives
5. Policy motion: Response to Re-Circulated DEIR for Playa Vista Phase 2
6. Policy motion: Request for establishment of Mar Vista surplus property fund
April 22, 2009
1. Policy motionSupporting the appeal of the Westdale Homeowners Association regarding the Advisory Agency approval of  ENV-2007-2438-MND and Tentative Tract No. 69349-CN-DB located at 3160-3178 Barrington Avenue.
May 10, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Recommendations regarding City budget concerns and possible reduction and freeze of Neighborhood Council budgets:
May 12, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Requesting additional cut-thru traffic reduction measures from the NTM division of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation that will effectively implement the goal to “discourage non-residential traffic flow on residential streets.”
2. Policy Motion: Supporting the new City Sign Ordinance but opposing the Ballona Wetlands as a possible location for a future “sign district”.
3. Policy Motion: Opposing any change to LA City ordinances which would exempt taxis from restrictions prohibiting commercial vehicles from parkingin residential areas for periods exceeding three (3) consecutive hours.
June 9, 2009
1. Policy Motion: MVCC Response to the Bundy Village and Medical Park DEIR.
July 14, 2009
1. Policy Motion: MVCC Motion to create Community Improvement Grant process
August 11, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Letter to DONE responding to request for changes in Bylaws, and request for additional clarification regarding recommendation to remove term limits in Bylaws.
2. Policy Motion: Motion recommending retention and rehabilitation of Old Fire Station 62 as a multiple use Community Center.
3. Policy Motion: Motion regarding the maps for the Bicycle Master Plan
September 8, 2009
1. Policy Motion: MVCC Response to MND for 3115 Sepulveda Blvd Development project, opposing request for variance.
2. Policy Motion:   Mar Vista Community Council letter of support for Valley Village appeal of DIR-2008-1178-SPP
October 13, 2009
1. Policy Motion: The Mar Vista Community Council hereby adopts the creation of a CERT and Community Center at the site of Historic Fire Station 62, 3631 Centinela, as an official MVCC community benefit project.
2. Policy Motion: Motion calling on LA DWP to implement certain procedures regarding the Solar Energy Implementation Plan
3. Policy Motion: The Mar Vista Community Council hereby requests the Department of Building and Safety enforce the law and close all medical marijuana shops which have already been denied hardship exemptions.  The MVCC further requests prosecution of scofflaw shops continuing to           operate in defiance of the law.  
November 11, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Expressing support for using 100% clean electricity in Mar Vista.
2. Policy Motion: To support ZA-2009-3132-CUB-CU [ENV-2009-3131-EAF]: 7-11, 12403 W. Venice Blvd 90066 CUBConditional Use Beverage (Alcohol) CU-Conditional Use for off-site consumption of beer and wine in a 3,357 sq ft 7-Eleven convenience store with 24 hour operation and alcohol sales from 6am to 1am, daily.
3.   Policy Motion: Expressing concern regarding variance issuance for Vista Del Mar Christian Church.
4. Policy Motion: Opposing the proposed repeal of City liability for repair of curbs, sidewalks, and driveways due to tree root damage.
December 8, 2009
1. Policy Motion: Mar Vista Community Council Motion regarding Ratepayer Advocate for DWP.
2. Policy Motion: Mar Vista Community Council motion regarding the DWP Scattergood-Olympic Line 1 Power Transmission project.
3. Policy Motion: Mar Vista Community Council motion regarding traffic concerns and the Bundy Village and Medical Park.
4. Policy Motion: Mar Vista Community Council request for CEQA analysis of proposed ADU ordinance.
5. Policy Motion: Mar Vista Community Council support of SCR 56.