Santa Monica Airport, Part Two: Who Comes First?

There were a lot of Mirror reader responses to last week's column in this space concerning the use of the Santa Monica Airport by business jets, specifically FAA category C and D "business jets." Many seemed to feel that I was simply a homeowner complaining about living near an airport. While our home is under take off patterns, it is not in one of the communities most directly impacted by the use of the airport (SMO) by business jets.

Still, I thought we should take a second look at the current struggle between the city and the FAA by way of the reader reaction to last week's column.
Reviewing the situation briefly… In March of 2008 the Santa Monica City Council passed an ordinance that banned the use of SMO by C and D category aircraft. The FAA is fighting that ordinance, and details regarding the ebb and flow of the legal struggle can be found online at the city's website .

In last week's column I basically asserted that while the FAA has been arguing that business jets must have access to SMO to relieve regional air congestion, it was my feeling that what was really in play was creating a better grade of almost semi-private access to LA via SMO for people with the resources to own and operate private jets.