Recreation & Open Space Enhancement Committee Meeting

Mar 25 2014 - 6:30pm

Please join us for the next MVCC ROSE Committee meeting, Tuesday at 6:30 PM at the Mar Vista Library.





1) Call to Order – Jerry Hornof & Tom Ponton, Co-Chairs


2) Approval of the minutes from the last meeting


3) Brief Introductions and Public Comment or Announcements pertaining to items not on the agenda      (maximum 2 minutes per speaker)


4) Mar Vista Park Advisory Board update – Pammela Jackson or Jerry Hornof


5) Mar Vista Fall Festival update – Jerry Hornof or Tom Ponton


6) MVCC finance update related to opportunities for new grants – Sharon Commins


7) Discussion of the American Cancer Society’s a Relay For Life in the Mar Vista Community


8) Consideration of a motion requesting financial assistance from the MVCC, for improving the Charnock median, based on the budget supplied by the Mar Vista Landkeeper’s Preservation.


9) Discussion of the People Street initiative, an application program for eligible community partners to propose locations for three innovative types of projects: plazas, parklets and bicycle corrals.


10) Consideration of a motion to request that the City of Los Angeles provide adequate maintenance for the Mar Vista Library grounds.


11) Consideration of a motion to request that the City of Los Angeles provide long over due tree trimming for the large trees near the Mar Vista Post Office.


12) Consideration of a motion to request that the US Postal Service provide adequate maintenance for the trees and landscape in the parking lot at the Mar Vista Post Office.


13) Discussion of issues involving maintenance around the new Fire Station 62


14) Discussion of what can be done about the brutal hack job of the Coral Tree in front of Taco Bell.


15) Future agenda items           


16) Adjournment 


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