Focus on transportation, infrastructure

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (TIC) provides the MVCC Board with input on issues raised by the community regarding traffic, transportation and infrastructure, and the development of area planning strategies for transportation and infrastructure, in cooperation with the L.A. Department of Transportation, California Department of Transportation, Council District 11 Office, and others, that will enhance the quality of life for all in the Mar Vista community. The TIC keeps close contact with the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM), the LA DOT - CD11 Bi-Monthly Meeting and the Neighborhood Traffic Management (NTM) Committee. Motions for the MVCC board originated in either the PLUM Committee or TIC are often discussed in both committees before being going to the board.

   MVCC Chair Albert Olson, NTM chair Bill Pope and TIC co chair Chuck Ray have been attending the meetings sponsored by the L.A. Neighborhood Councils Coalition to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the L.A. Department of Transportation and the Neighborhood Councils. The hope is that a more effective liaison can be established where the department's organization and policies are more transparent and the neighborhood councils can assist in channeling and prioritizing stakeholder's concerns about traffic matters. The LADOT has offered to provide a series of classes where stakeholders can learn about the organization and operation of the department. A goal of the discussions is to set up a line of communication between each neighborhood council and the LADOT.

   The issues considered by the TIC range from local problems with traffic to long range concerns about how the growth of the city affects the quality of life of all citizens. For example, the committee has recommended to the board that it go on record as opposing any new density-increasing land development projects while water-rationing is in effect, unless there are signed-contracts guaranteeing at least a 20-year water supply for existing L.A. residents plus the density increase effectuated by the proposed land development project. As a local issue, the committee recommended to the board that it pass a resolution in support of the petition by 20 householders on the 3100 block of Corinth Avenue that their block be included in Overnight Parking District 505 so those homeowners could buy permits from the city that allow them to park their cars in front of their houses overnight.

   Some of the other recent issues are:

   • Selection of the route for phase II of the Exposition Corridor Transit Project. The committee asked that above-grade or below-grade crossings be provided for the major arterial boulevards - Bundy Drive, Sawtelle Blvd., and Sepulveda Blvd.

   • The removal of several U.S. Post Office neighborhood mailboxes led to a number of complaints by residents. TIC asked the board to request Congresswoman Jane Harmon to work with the Federal Post Office representatives to re-install some of the boxes. The Post Office has informed the Congresswoman's office that two of the boxes will be re-installed.

   • The TIC passed a motion asking the board to provide a letter supporting the Westdale Homeowner's Association's appeal of the new tract map approval for the 3160 Barrington Avenue project. In October 2008, the CD11 office sponsored a meeting with the developer, the Westdale Homeowner's Association, and MVCC. At that time, the group agreed to a variance in the number of parking places to allow conversion of the current buildings to condominiums if the developer withdrew his application for rebuilding the property. The developer failed to honor his agreement and the Planning Commission, unaware of the agreement, has issued the permit based on the original application.

   • The City of Santa Monica has plans to rebuild and reopen the Charnock Wells water facility on Westminster Avenue. The TIC has been working to create an agreement on the ways the new construction can be landscaped to mitigate the visual appearance of an industrial facility in a residential neighborhood.

   • The TIC submitted a motion to the board supporting the L.A. Planning Commission's proposed ordinance establishing limits for signs and billboards in Los Angeles. This motion takes exception to the designation of the Ballona Wetlands as an "area eligible to apply for Sign District designation."

   • The Environmental Impact Report for the Bundy Village and Medical Center was discussed at a recent meeting. This is a proposed mixed-use medical office park complex that will include 387,735 square feet of medical office space, 68,817 square feet of retail space, a 51,021 square foot supermarket, 177 condominium units, and 208 attached senior residential units. The TIC recommended that the Traffic Impact Analysis be redone using real-world assumptions.

   The TIC meets on the fourth Tuesday evening of the month. All stakeholders are welcome.

Chuck Ray, Co Chair

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee